Project Summary

Otterspace is a web application making accountability accessible while helping you achieve your career goals

Summer 2020
My Role
Product Manager + Designer
Team: Melissa Regaldo + John Yoo
Deliverables + Tools
High-Fidelity Prototype, Figma, Web Application

Live Application: Click here

Outlining the problem

Students have more trouble keeping themselves accountable when working with close friends.


75% of students feel comfortable working with strangers.

My goal is to help students build accountability in the progression towards career-oriented goals. As the bridge between students and their goals, Otterspace helps users find someone within the same field to work through their projects together whether that's a portfolio, a non-profit initiative, or to study for the MCAT together.
- data taken from survey of 12 college students

How Otterspace works

What's Currently Live

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Key Takeaways

Learning how to prioritize
We only had one developer during the entire project timeline. To meet the presentation deadline, we had to decide which features to launch or just prototype.
Design with intention
Our amazing mentor, Emily Chung, really pushed our team to highlight specific pain points to give our design a purpose. If a feature was not necessary, she would call it out.


Where do we begin?
Although we had an interesting idea, it heavily relied on a strong user base. We had yet to plan how we would get users and encourage them to stay.
Designing a timeless product
‍‍With more time, I would love to revisit different business plans to make the product more timeless. How can users give back to the community? Maybe launch a referral program?