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Well... I'm a mediocre cook, I love escape rooms, and I'm an ESFJ.

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about me

Off the screen I'm...

Trying new foods
Going Outdoors

How I design.

I'm a human-centered designer focused on bridging communities through technology and education. My most recent activities include co-founding USC's first design agency, Innovative Design, and hosting creative workshops/events as an Adobe Ambassador at USC!

I learn the most from making mistakes-- many many mistakes. They teach me how to revisit past experiences and navigate new solutions. Even if a second path also leads to failure, I now have two things I know not to do!

The biggest challenge about designing for products is also its greatest strength. Because I'm designing for people, all the answers I'm looking for are right in front of me. Empathy sits at the root of my design process.

How I got involved.

I started off by participating in a product design competition in 2019 called CreateSC. After my team miraculously placed 1st, I decided to take a user experience class at my school.

I learned how to conduct user interviews and create MVPs, but I wanted more hands-on experience.

When quarantine hit at the start of Summer 2020, I started to compete in a variety design competitions ranging from tablet-apps to theme park attractions! By the end of the summer, I had placed in 3 out of 5 competitions!

Today, I am actively focused on cultivating a new creative community at USC called Innovative Design at USC. We are a family of designers, photographers, and web designers with the same mission to make USC beautiful!

How I stay happy.

Some hobbies/interests of mine include:

1. Scrolling through hours of TikTok
2. Survivor/Big Brother (the good reality TV)
3. Dance
4. Music: RnB, EDM
5. Taking care of my plants


Adobe X Nickelodeon Creative Jam | 1st Place
CreateSC 2019 |
1st Place
Sephora X MAS 2020 |
3rd Place
Cornell TPEG 2020 |
Concept Design Award