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Well... I'm a mediocre cook, I love escape rooms, and I'm an ESFJ.
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Off the screen I'm...

Trying new foods
Going Outdoors

Who am I?

At home I am an older brother, a son, and an avid supporter for home cooked meals with my family. Spiritually, I am a leo sun and virgo moon learning how to break routine and experience spontaneity.

Professionally, I am a product designer focused on bridging communities through the power of design and education. Design helps people communicate complex ideas and solve the problems we experience in our day-to-day lives. My passion for sharing design education stems from my desire to strengthen the lack of creative opportunity in my community. With the capabilities of blockchain technology, I am interested in how we can decentralize opportunity for our future creators.

Currently, I am on a mission to educate and connect student creatives through accessible mentorship and hands-on learning. I hope to create a larger impact beyond my preliminary education with the support of my talented peers, and inspire others to further this mission of creative liberty.

How I got involved.

I started off by participating in a product design competition in 2019 called CreateSC. After my team miraculously placed 1st, I decided to take a user experience class at my school.

I learned how to conduct user interviews and create MVPs, but I wanted more hands-on experience.

When quarantine hit at the start of Summer 2020, I started to compete in a variety design competitions ranging from tablet-apps to theme park attractions! By the end of the summer, I had placed in 3 out of 5 competitions!

Today, I am actively focused on cultivating a new creative community at USC called Innovative Design at USC. We are a family of designers, photographers, and web designers with the same mission to make USC beautiful!

How I stay happy.

Some hobbies/interests of mine include:

1. Scrolling through hours of TikTok
2. Survivor/Big Brother (the good reality TV)
3. Dance
4. Music: RnB, EDM
5. Taking care of my plants


Adobe X Nickelodeon Creative Jam | 1st Place
CreateSC 2019 |
1st Place
Sephora X MAS 2020 |
3rd Place
Cornell TPEG 2020 |
Concept Design Award